Thursday, May 15, 2008

GALACTICA LIVE music videos....

Hey gang,

Im currently sitting hunched over from a massive sunburn that I collected from one of the wonderfully sunny days in Kauai, so all is not well on the Lynch Dermis front (or rahter, "back"...zing!) but while I still have a smidgen of internet access out here for the moment, allow me to direct you to 2 videos I recently did that I'm really proud of and want to share...

If you got to the bottom of that Diggler of a blog I posted 2 weeks back, you read that we shot Bear's Galactica Live! show and it was a truly mind-melting event for all. Last week we posted the interview, but today G4 put up two "music videos" I did with the live footage from 2 of my favorite tracks from the night. If you're a fan of BSG or just like watching cool people make cooler music, check them out below and pass along to your nerdy friends.

"Fight Night"

"Roslin & Adama"

Original Interview w/ Bear & Friends:


Staying Sunburnt,


Blogger Scott said...

hey are tough to get ahold of. we are trying to hook up an interview for you be down for that?

email me at d0hutch(at)

thanks man

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