Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Frak me, we won a Webby?

Hey all,

No, a Webby is NOT what you flick from your hands after finishing self-pleasuring yourself (although ever since my appearance on Rob G's doc for PSYCHO, I've been enjoying the fact that my hand gesture is getting some love....THWWAP!!) but an actual award! HUH???

One of the online shows I head up is called FREESTYLE 101, which you might have seen on here (if you've ever read longer than a minute here). It's a show I developed with uber-rockstar Frank Meyer, and one I love dearly, both shooting and producing, but also watching it. It's been a total labor of love, and we're very proud of the show and the following it's been slowly getting both online and also within the Hip Hop community. At first we were calling artists begging them to come almost a year later since we started and the artists are calling us!
Then yesterday we get the call: FS101 just got awarded the "Best Online Film & Video" in the music category for the Webbys! This is crazy, and validation that we're doing online content right here, and Im really REALLY proud, especially of Frank, who came up with the idea and has been the driving force behind getting the amazing talent in the studio to drop a rhyme or 12 for us. If you haven't seen FS101, here is one of my favorite new ones below (we shot this in NYC in Feb, and I was suffering from a horrible flu bug while shooting this which i think lent something to the look) and check out the other videos HERE (the B Real one is pretty sweet too).

We'll be in NYC in early June to pick up our sweet looking award....hope to see you East Coast peeps out there!

Finally, I found this on youtube and if you are an Argento/Goblin fan, its a wonderful albeit brief clip of the band in action. I can't embed it, but you can get the shivers HERE.

That's all....hope all is well!

Staying Scary,


Blogger BC said...

This is why I'm glad I read this blog... I now have a new euphemism for getting, er, "myself" on myself...

"Uck, a webby!"
*grabs tissue*

5:34 PM  

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