Friday, April 18, 2008

Funniest OFFICE clip ever?

Hi all,

Last night Bri and i were watching THE OFFICE (like 20 million of you) and not only was it one of the funniest episodes in the new season, it contains quite arguably the funniest clip of the season, which, thanks to the wonderment of HULU, i could edit and embed here. I suddenly want a square-shaped hamburger...

Let me set the stage: Hapless Dunder Miflin middle manager Michael Scott is now single, looking for love in all the wrong places, and has resorted to asking his office team to recommend a new amore. With a bunch of index cards in hand, our hero begins to make some cold calls in the name of love...or a quickie:

Muthafuckin Wendy's, huh? Don't you want a Frosty now?

GALACTICA tonight! Got lots to talk about re: Bear's show, with pics and some other stuff coming. It was two of the best shows I've ever seen. Bear is a frakkin' rock star.

Staying Scary,


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People should read this.

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