Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The bags are packed...the magnets and buttons in tow...I'm a ready for FrightFest! A nice 11 hour flight to catch up on some reading and off to the races...cannot wait!

Oh, got to stop by a newsstand and pick up the new Fangoria...

...and there it was, the first (of 2) articles on WRONG TURN fucking FANGORIA!!! Seriously, this was my bible from Age 7 on, so to see my name in there for a film I had a part in is a HUGE honor and quite a frikkin' rush.

So go pick up the new issue and read all about WRONG TURN check out next month's issue for a splattery 4 page spread on the film!

Well, off I go to the airport. I'll be checking in on here as much as I can to give you the high (and low) lights from the festival. I'll be seeing a LOT of movies, so I'll probably have a say on a few, but I'll give you the blow-by-blow from the World Premiere for sure...wish us luck!

Now, Toss off!



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