Tuesday, August 21, 2007

'Bad' Ass

Hi all,

Saw SUPERBAD...which could be retitled SUPERBADASS. Seriously, can Judd Apatow do no wrong? Right now the dude is the new generation's John Hughes, even down to the point in that 80's auteur's too brief career when he was rationing off projects to other directors with his seal of approval (Hughes, titles like THE GREAT OUTDOORS, PRETTY IN PINK & or course, DUTCH...Apatow on SUPERBAD, WALK HARD, TALEDEGA NIGHTS, etc). I loved SUPERBAD on so many levels, even if its not directed to my "target demo". Great tight little "quest" story, believable characters, cute girls that I'd believe would actually give these dorks the time of day, and some of the funniest lines and set pieces in recent memory...oh and two of the most hilariously inept cops since BAD LIEUTENANT. I know you dont need me to say it, but SUPERBAD is a must see.

God, my trip to the UK can't come fast enough. Leaving tomorrow...can't wait.

Oh, just heard that WT2 is in the new FANGORIA. Shit, I gotta pick that bastard up for the flight. I plan on doing a LOT of reading catchup on the flight over. God bless European flights and the free booze. As long as Im not doing any interviews on the flight, Im good to go.

Bring on the Mushy Peas!

Staying Scary,


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