Friday, September 01, 2006


Hey Gangbangers,

Welcome to the freshly squeezed Pretty cool huh? I've always loved the EC Comics look and hope you dig the new site, which has some of my past videos, news on what the hell Im doing with myself these days as well as other goodies as we go along. I'll be checking in on the blog but more importantly, I'll be putting up my production diary from the shoot of WRONG TURN 2 very shortly, which should give you a little insight of the wonderful madness that went on during the shoot and even in Post process. It was one HELL of a ride and I can't wait to show the world the gory results!

Just also wanted to give a "shout out" (do they even say that anymore) to my homies that went above and beyond the call of doody to make this site possible. Joey Cruz, who I met in the halcyon days of, is an amazing web designer and he put all of this together for me and I gotta say MAJOR thanks for that. Also, the sick bastard who created the front cover (and who currently works with me on my storyboards and concept sketches) is Ken Perkins; the guy is fucking amazing in my book, a total talent, and I couldn't thank him more for making my dream come true; putting me in a TALES FROM THE CRYPT cover!
Thanks so much to both of you guys for making this site work...

So keep checking back in here or on my obligatory myspace page (which you can link HERE) and let us know what you think!

Thanks for stopping in, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out...

Staying Scary,
Joe Lynch


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