Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Goin' back to B.C....

Hey all,
Got into Vancouver last night, and loving it already. First off, spent a good half hour talking to "The Man" Michael Chiklis from THE SHIELD (he's up here doing F42...or whatever youre calling it) and what a kick ass guy. I've seen him in the coffee bean a bunch of time but doesnt seem like the type of guy to just go up and say "Hey, nice Tea Latte!" But my producer Jeff introduced us and he was like "Oh so you're the talented kid!" (They were talking before I met him) so that was cool. When we got to the Canadian airport he came up to me and said "Hope to work with you!" and I just crumbled. Work...with me? Huh?
Aside from getitng some of my toiletries confiscated (Now Im REALLY going to smell like shit) it was a smooth trip. Guess I better not get used to the first class...watching Beau Bridges walk back to coach was prety sobering. But we made it to the hotel, I got my rental TRUCK (F150...sah-weet, instant Masculinity!) and we then met up with Tom the exec and Robin my DP for a sizable sushi dinner (1 of 100 Im guessing) and then I was so tired I went right to bed. Room is nice. So its 8am and Im listening to Matthew Currie Holmes SCREAMING for his life while I write this. I mean, SCREAMING. You can tell its the 4th take because he's wheezing and hacking as he speaks, his vocal chords bruised, as he begs for his life in the ADR session. He wasnt able to come to LA to do it so they recorded without me (hmmmm....) but the takes are not bad. Matthew is the type of actor who totally throws himself into it, and Im wondering if the next room is thinking Im into male rape.

So we're up here for 2 weeks to "finish" up; color correction, more ADR, sound effects timing, sound mix, score mix...the final stretch. I can't wait to see it totally finished, especially the color correction. The film as it is now looks like acid washed ass; the avid output has no life, desaturated colors, shitty contrast, so this week Robin and I are gonna kick the shit out of it, using visual references for color, tone and contrast like CHOPPER, HAUTE TENSION, DEVILS REJECTS, AMELIE, SE7EN...anything with a nice ripe contrasty look which I love. Im dying to see how that translates on our film since we have a lot of green....and a LOT of red.

Oh Canada...



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