Friday, November 13, 2009

Shot of the Day #317: Damn Rugrats!

Shot with iphone, click to enlarge.

Adam Green is one of the nicest guys I've ever met, here or anywhere. It takes a lot to get the guys pot on the boil, but as we were at Mel's Diner tonight meeting up for a writing gathering, he was already simmering over from some bad news. We all get it, lord knows I've had my fill this year, but he was trying to take it all in stride, keeping positive....until the cluster of inbred-looking kids started in next to us. There must have been 4-5, all of them hanging over the side of the partition between tables, staring at him, just being little shitbags. It's situations like this that really test the parent; do they let the kid commence being a little brat or does one take them down a notch, reigning them in so as to not piss off the public? This father who was shepherding the clan was clearly in the former category, just sitting there as this one kid, who looked like the dirty mouth-breather from RAISING ARIZONA who wrote "FART" on the wall, hung over the side and stared at Green. I gotta at least give him credit, he didn't blow his stack and scream at the kid, politely trying to ignore him as we worked and shoveled food down, but after a while, I had to climb over, seeing this harried dad as he tried to maintain sanity and say "Im sorry but do you mind not having your kids leaning into our fries? Thanks". Poor Green was a champ, but I dont think he'll be having any rugrats anytime soon.

As a new dad, Im always taking notes....and this scene was dually noted.


Happy Friday The 13th!


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