Thursday, August 09, 2012

Shot of the Day 12.223: Facial Findings

Shot with iPhone & Camera+, click to enlarge. 

Our killer Makeup artist Desiree Falcon (Hire her, seriously!) set up the cast of HOLLISTON with free make up evaluations for the new season by the company Dermalogica, who sent some specialists to the office one morning. So strange to be told straight up how your skin is; thankfully, I passed my "test" with mostly flying colors thanks to constant hydration and a weekly face-scrub. Did I just admit that in public?

But each cast member got a chance to sit in these old 50's salon chairs, complete with cigarette butt compartments on the arm-rests! Old school, kiid. I WILL NOT admit that I liked it, but isn't that enough of a hint? gift bags?!! Squee!! Now I just have to actually USE them...

We're gonna look good this season, thanks to the fine folks at Dermalogica! Thanks for taking the time to observe our pores!



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