Monday, July 02, 2012

Shot of the Day 12.185: Loving Recreation

Shot with iPhone & Camera+, click to enlarge. 

BLUES BROTHERS happened to be on HDNETmovies and, like almost all Landis films in this home, it stayed on. Since we passed the "soiled condom" gag, we felt like the film was benign enough for Remy to watch, mainly for the musical numbers. But he was blown away by the car chase, and luckily enough, we actually HAD Hot Wheels versions of both the Blue Brothers car and one of the old-school Chicago police cars. So for the next hour we sat there, extending the car chase/mass crash collision well past the climax of the film. Unfortunately our living room doesn't do Chicago's downtown streets much justice.

Just wonderful to share one of my favorite films with a new set of eyes...and ears, since we've been listening to the Blues Brothers albums I have ever since. 

See You Next Wednesday,



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