Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shot of the Day 12.179: The KLOWN Room

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge. 

This is what you never want to see on a screening day for your film. 

Thankfully it's not my film (...don't ask); I was just applying my East Coast "Gotta be at the theater an hour early" mentality to a small screening of the film KLOWN today (which was f'n hilarious) at WME and getting there early really didn't give me any advantage, other than the fact that I got to enter as a blood drive was finishing up. Seeing people outside a screening room on laying down on gurneys with nurses all around, I thought..."Wow, this movie IS shocking! Holy shit!!" but it was just a blood drive. Closer to 5, the theater filled as it started. I always feel the filmmakers pain whenever a screening doesn't fill or go well, cause I've been there. This was not one of those times and you will be hearing more about KLOWN soon, this I vow. Wow. 



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