Friday, March 09, 2012

Shot of the Day 12.69 (SXSW): SXSWet

Shot with iPhone & Infinicam, click to enlarge.

It's 3pm. I'm in Austin (!!) and while the rain slams down on our rental car, I'm half-sleeping outside the Alamo Drafthouse on the eve of the first night of SXSW. Green and I are here to promote HOLLISTON (with a panel on Sunday at 2pm, be there) and we're psyched to spread the word and of course, eat a lot of BBQ and other foods of the land. However, the PR company booked me in what was supposed to be a B&B (since hotels were scarce) and it ended up being a woman's apartment...with her still in it, working! So while I left Green to crash before the CABIN IN THE WOODS premiere/party we were scheduled to attend (AMAZING MOVIE, BTW...just wait!) I had time to kill, so I attempted to see SILENT HOUSE while I wait for the Landlady to split, but the movies were cancelled due to the festival...and I slept in the car. Glamorous, huh? At least I was near a location I truly love. God Bless The Alamo.

Oh, did I mention its POURING OUT? Holy crap. I did NOT pack for this.

It's gonna be a hell of a weekend...



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