Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shot of the Day #203: Sea of Nerds

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So, we're here. After taking a lovely (and traffic-free!) train ride down with the crew and checking into the US GRANT (supposedly the oldest hotel in San Diego and a damn fine place, to be sure), we got our credentials from the G4 truck farm and headed out to the Convention Center for Preview Night, which is supposed to be a light, down-low time for the media to check out the wares before Thursday's full public onslaught.

Well, not so much.

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

Turns out that not only was Preview night swimming with nerds of all shapes, sizes and smells, but because the TWILIGHT: NEW MOON panel was scheduled for Thursday afternoon, Twilight Die-hards are already lined up for it....36 hours before it starts. Jesus fucking christ. I never got into the Stephanie Meyer books, I guess I like a little style and complexity with my vampire stories....thank god for THE STRAIN & THIRST to hold me over. Man, i gotta get back into TRUE BLOOD.

But inside, the floor was already packed like sardines...isn't this the SLOW NIGHT!?!? Didn't feel like it, which leads me to believe this place is going to implode before weekend's out, especially when IRON MAN 2 or AVATAR shows some footage. I fear Hall H.

After sweeping the floor for pictures to upload to the site, we got the F out to rest before the storm begins. It's gonna be a crazy week. Check out G4's coverage of Comic-con for all the goods we get...we're gonna rape the shit out of this place. Stay tuned!


One last thing...Even Mexican Wrestlers Get The Comic-Con.

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.


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