Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shot of the Day #52: SymMEATry...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

On the way to TWO obligatory birthday fetes (as quickly as I can since I didn't want to leave Bri & Remy home alone long), I stopped by The Apple Pan, a tiny, old-fashioned Burger joint on Pico. Luke (Birthday boy #2 of the night's schedule) actually took me here once, and I thought, since my stomach was a bit empty, a nice greasy burger would serve my alcohol consumption well for the night. Usually the place is so packed, and because the place can only seat about 35, there are times hungry patrons must stand and wait for others to finish before they can bit into what could be the best burger in town. I swear, these things are made with succulent slices of Angel Vagina. Luckily, I only had to wait 5 minutes before someone got up, and with only 15 minutes to spare before Bear (Birthday Boy #1) and his gang went on-stage at The Mint, I quickly ordered a Steak burger and fries. The old "Soda Jerk" behind the counter scoffed at my request for the Tillamook Cheddar (.85 cents extra) and when i asked for mayo for my fries, he laughed 'Well, this fella is some highfalutin connoisseur or something!". I guess....

2 Minutes later my fries and Creme Soda (hey, gotta do it right) arrive and not 6 minutes after, a well-dressed murder-wich was delivered to my eyeline. Wow, this fucker looked good, and quite filling too. Any chance for pie (made fresh daily) was dashed between the bun-held cardiac arrest before me, but when I first looked down at the food placement in my area i noticed the interesting symmetry going on. The check, the soda and bottle, the fries, condiments and burger, all so..Rorschach, no? I swear, these food items were not moved or re-situated by humble writer; this was how I found it, before I devoured the fuckers right quick. A sign? Am I like the guy in Pi, finding patterns in swirls of coffee and phone books?

No, I was just looking for a heart attack, or just some wicked gas....right

Woah. That one could murder souls. You're lucky you can't smell this shit ghost right now. Boo dude, indeed.

But man, what a burger. If you're in the area, it's a must-consume.



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