Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shot of the Day #48: Eyes hurting

Shot with Macbook Pro camera. Click to enlarge.

Sorry, nothing exciting or evocatively composed today. Spent the entire day in one spot (seen above), eyes glued to my laptop screen, fingers tapping away furiously for god-knows how long. Writing, writing, writing. Hours sped by like minutes. I'd say 90% of what was written was good, constructive stuff for a big meeting tomorrow which I'm so excited about (stay tuned for more details soon). The rest of the time was refreshing my Twitter page (seen to your right). I think I'm addicted, and not two weeks ago I was telling Gunn "Dude, I dont need to let people know that I just took a shit 2 minutes ago?" Then I thought about it.

Hungry now, must eat. Eyes hurt so much they sting even without having the contacts in. K bye.

Wait, should I Twitter that?



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