Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shot of the Day #43: Welcome back, kid...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

...a brief glimpse into my childhood view, my bedroom, or at least one swatch of it.

In the past I've usually slept on the couch downstairs, either because Bri and I couldn't fit on the Queen bed I used to have in there (no replaced with some flimsy twin bed one step up from an inflat-a-bed) or I just didn't want to smell 20 year old shit-ghosts still possibly looming about, waiting to strike.

This time being home, I was just...compelled to sleep in there, especially being solo this time out. Much-needed nostalgia was coursing through my veins, and I found myself folding into the tiny bed each night.

Waking up before having to fly back today was a mental time-warp; for a split second, I thought I was late for the bus. Seriously, I woke up going "Cripes! The tard-cart is outside!" (Ed. note: Going to catholic school, local students were transported in the mini-busses usually reserved for the handi-capable or um...well, you know) and it took me a moment to realise that this wasn't my room anymore, and it was 14 years later, and that I am a different person now. Well, somewhat; sure, I have a wife (holy crap! I had a girlfriend!?) and now a kid (HOLY SCHNIKIES!?! I HAD SEX!?!?!?!) but the little geek was still there, and the desk set filled with horror novels,old posters from many a Weekend of Horrors, band stickers and other nerdy contraband was a stark reminder of that. It looks like it didn't change a bit. My brothers have rummaged and pilfered through it, probably on a quest for decorations for their own room, random porn (which they never did find, HA!) or other bric-a-brac (I used to have a sweet vintage PSYCHO poster-distributed by Paramount Pictures! Very cool), but otherwise, it feels untouched, frozen in time. Ah, this room, my old room, sure has some memories.

But it's not my room anymore, is it? Now my once room is a glorified closet, where the clean laundry resides and crap that has no other place goes to die. Guess it's just not my room anymore, and when I closed it today, I didn't look back.



Blogger Adam Barnick said...

You were a Catholic School prisoner too? Dang, Lynch. I'm sure you loved it like I did.

Your brothers sold me your porn back at the WT2 screening, if you were wondering why you couldn't find it.

7:06 AM  

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