Monday, February 23, 2009

His Name was Jason: Best review ever?


This guy gives a heart-felt review of the JASON doc and proceeds to rip Green and I a new asshole for the "Friday in 4 minutes" featurette they cut together from us geeking out over the Friday series we love and adore. I was watching whilst taking a wonderful kid to the pool on my iphone and i literally shit AGAIN when he called us out with venom usually reserved for nazis and child-molesters.

Start at about 6:20 to hear the best rant ever; he even takes a breath and takes off his cap before shit gets serious. Best line? "I'm actually a calm guy in real life".

So...I take it he wont be buying the FRIDAY 4 DVD re-issue where Green and I do a commentary track? I'm guessing NOT.

I'm honored, thanks for the shout-out!

Yee Haw,



Blogger giles edwards said...

Hahahaha!! I can't decide whether, when he's mouthing off, he sounds like Jude Law's grumpy queen in "Midnight In the Garden Of Good & Evil" or Dorothy Michaels in "Tootsie".

Anytime a fan "fears it's going to be half-assed", what he means is, he deeply, desperately, pleadingly whishes he could have been a part of it so it would validate his very being.

Keep fightin' the fight, Lynch.

10:51 AM  

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