Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best music news I've heard in years

...seriously, I think I've been waiting to hear this news for 10 or so years...always going back to THIS site since 1998, waiting to see the news update (which seems someone is asleep at the wheel and hasn't heard the news):


Oh wait...only touring in Europe?? Well, I'm praying that this is only a warm up for a North American tour and you can bet your sweet bippy (as granny always says) that Bri and I will be getting tickets to see this historic event. FNM was one of those bands we both went 'You like them too?" so it was an instant bonder....

....and ANGEL DUST is one of the albums that I would hope I had on my iphone when Oceanic 815 hits the island, it's just that monumental an album. If we get lucky to see them live (which would allow me to FINALLY cross them off the list of "Amazing bands I never saw play"...guess Nirvana wont be leaving that list anytime soon :( ), I could justify going to heaven then. Crossing fingers!!!!!

Read the news blast HERE.

"....what is IT?!!"



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