Wednesday, November 01, 2006

An open letter to the IMDB boards...

God damn we made it through SHOCKTOBER. What a month. What a fucking weekend!
Well I sauntered over to the IMDB boards for the movie (a guilty pleasure to be sure) and saw this interesting post:


So instead of answering on imdb, which could just open up a HUGE can of worms, I decided to post an open letter to the fans and the poster "Mark" here and let's see if they ever find it....i doubt it.


Hi everyone!

Just wanted to say hi and thank you all for supporting our F'd up little splatter movie. I hope all of you dig the direction we took with the family's tale and believe me, all your posts are heard! This is a fan movie, one made for us, the hardcore, balls-out horror geeks who love it dark, wet & twisted, and as it stands both Fox and I are very proud of the end result...its pretty sick.

Which leads me to...this post. Long story short....MAN ARE YOU WRONG! Lesson learned kiddies, dont trust the boards. Im usually mum on these topics but this one made me crack up so hard I had Pepsi blast out of my nose and all over my macbook (thanks Mark for the trip to the Apple Store!).

I'd say the best thing to do is just have fun with the speculation but dont trust anything you hear or read unless it comes from Fox or any of the filmmakers, including me. Hell, my site has frikkin spoilers up the wazoo! But for now, this list is as real as Keizer Soze. I wont go into details (for obvious reasons, I want you guys to see the movie and enjoy the bloody twists and entrail-encrusted turns) but just know that practically EVERY death detailed here is 175% false.

Im not sure WHERE Mark got this script but even before I came on, the draft that Al & Turi handed into Fox has practically NONE of the deaths explained here. Hell, they're not even that cool...

The one thing I will say is that DALE MURPHY DOES NOT F'N RUN. Not on my watch. Wait and see....Rollins rules.

So, enjoy spinning the rumor (or "rumour" if your British) mill and keep the support up for WT2; keep the true love for horror alive...Believe me, you aint seen NOTHING yet....thanks so much everyone and talk to you soon, ya sick bastards and bitches!

Mark, glad you liked the, er, "script".

Staying Scary,
Joe Lynch


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