Friday, November 03, 2006

"Gorno" and the one sided debate...and some video goodness...

Hey all,
Im still a little pissed about this whole Bill O'Reily report that came out on Fox News a few days ago (that I read on Bloody-Disgusting) that focused on the depraved nature of the current horror films and the media-emblazoned "Splat Pack" that is responsible for such cinematic atrocities. Im not going to get into a rant here, mainly because if you see the report, you'll notice that it's such a skewed, one-sided debate (where's Eli or Zombie or any other of the "front line" guys to defend the genre? Must still be in the green room) that there is no basis for a legit argument. This is just the rantings of some old fucks who need to have an argument to reflect current times and with SAW 3 making major bank (seriously, when was the last time a 3rd movie in a franchise made MORE money, aside from maybe RETURN OF THE KING? Not too many) its just a prime target to prey upon. Plus, Fox news put the report out, the same studio (that Billy boy even points out) that put out one of the main offenders, Aja's HILLS HAVE EYES....oh and WRONG TURN 2 (which I garuntee is gonna piss the red states off BIG TIME) so if I start voicing a more detailed opinion, you might see Alan Smithee as the director when it comes out so for now I'll choose my words lightly. I will say that right now, the film has not been affected at all by this (for now hopefully) and we are still going forward with the current, "HARD" cut so all is well...keep your pubes crossed...

If you want to laugh at some serious wind-bagging, check out the link to the site HERE and prepare to have a good laugh.

Also, when i went to SCREAMFEST, Spooky Dan cornered the Sasquatch and asked me a few questions about the new zombie ass kicker AUTOMITON TRANSFUSION (that I kept saying wrong...sorry Steve!) which you can see below.

Finally, if you haven't seen Jamie Kennedy's new video "Rollin with Bob Saget", you haven't seen funny yet.
F'n Bob Saget, huh?

The SAW 3 party was fun, but a bit of a bust when 100 cops and heli-copters showed up. That's what 35 million gets ya! Thanks to Darren for the party and to Joe Bishara (who did the GRAVEDANCERS score) for the AWESOME after-party...

BORAT weekend...bring it!


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