Monday, May 28, 2012

Shot of the Day 12.150: Cheat Day Massacre

Shot with iPhone & Camera+, click to enlarge. 

Sunday is usually my "cheat day" where I give myself and my HOLLISTON diet a sabbatical and I'm not restricting myself and my food intake. Dieting is not an easy thing for this guy, so Cheat Day becomes an event: as in "What CRAP can I stuff my maw with this Sunday?"

On the way home from the movies, something compelled me to get some Ice Cream. I haven't gotten ice cream in a LONG time, let alone from a supermarket (usually I'm a SCOOPS man but they're closed on Sundays, my loss) so Ben N Jerry's Stephen Colbert flavor had to do....

...and it was gone in 30 minutes during the EXTREMELY exciting episode of GAME OF THRONES my friends Neil and Sam did this week. Maybe it was because I was rooting them on, maybe it was that these guys made a HUGE hour long battle in 1/20th of the time between when I started to shoot KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM (with Sam as DP & The Dinklage, mind you) and now. Sad thought, but that could have also fueled my Ice Cream binge. God bless Indie Film (insert heavy sarcasm here).

This morning, all I found was this....yikes. I feel like Caspar in the final shot of Larry Clark's KIDS:

"What happened?"

Happy Memorial Day,


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