Monday, March 26, 2012

Shot of the Day 12.86: The Pew Pew Strikes Back

Shot with iPhone, Click to enlarge.

Or..."My Lucas takes your Disney, bitch"

Great day at Disneyland, a sort of "do-over" since the last time we went and I was a grump (for reasons I'll someday explain in detail, it's a hum dinger). Met up with some of Team Holliston, who had already been there hitting all the rides. But we had The Plissken, which always makes a place like Disney a whole new experience. Like here for example, when he showed Fantasia-themed Mickey his new "Stah Wawz Goy" (of all the cool, limited edition action figured, legos, cars and otherwise cool collectable shit, he picks a Shock Trooper from CLONES? Cripes.) and Mickey, feeling the Force within him, was taken aback. Normally, I would have scoffed if it were just the mouse doing that stichk to anyone else, but when it's your kid? A magical moment he'll likely have already forgotten and one you'll always bring up to embarrass when dates come over.

Shot with iPhone, Click to enlarge.

While it's still no WDW, the Land did the trick, thanks Mouse House.



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