Friday, July 16, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #44: The Eye of SaurJuan...

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

...always watching. Watching...smiling...thinking about the Yankees...

...Just one of the Fellowship keping our shit together & the ship sailing. God bless him...and that's not just "waxing his car" (Sorry for the steal PTA...that's a Y.P, not an M.P-DAMMIT, I did it again!).

Made it through our first big week of shooting KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM. Holy.Shit. 'Tis was a battle but we fought with courage, strength & burned some major 0's & 1's. Thanks so much to everyone in The Fellowship up here, we live to fight another day/Night....whatever...what day is it??



PS: My Script Supervisor (and college buddy, now fully solidifying that the world is so small it's practically Nano) Robb Foglia took this of me while on one of our "hot sets" and strangely, the picture came out a little odd. I wonder why...
Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't drawn a pentagram since I saw Day of The Beast.

Just sayin'.

1:45 AM  

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