Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shot of the Day #10: "Real" good head

Shot with Iphone. Click to Enlarge.

This was a tough one; walking through the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE for you "pros") there were just too many moments to choose from. However, I'd actually like for you to come back to check out the next 355 more shots, so I refrained from the snap I got from this year's most gag-inducing new Adult title, "Scary Hairy" (think about it) and went with this slightly creepy pic I snatched with a trio of "Real Doll" heads under glass and some odd, "Madball" like boobie thingies. I just loved the natural overhead lighting and those inviting lips...the smell of Silicone just gets me awf.

OK, I feel dirty now, need to shower for 2 days and do my flight checkin online. It's time to go home.



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