Friday, May 04, 2012

Shot of the Day: Abandoned Cans/RIP MCA

Shot with iPhone & CameraBag, click to enlarge. 

What a strange, conflicting day. Started out "Super"; a 9am IMAX 3-D screening of AVENGERS, which was top notch Summer entertainment. But those good vibes were short lived when I got a text from Bri saying "MCA died".

MCA (or Adam Yauch, likely on his drivers license) of the Beastie Boys was an instrumental component of my childhood and into my adulthood. Even if he and the other Boys were 10 years older than I, I feel like we great up together, especially since they were NY boys themselves. I was a fan the moment I saw the "Fight For Your Right" video on MTV and have been following the Beasties through thick & thin ever since. They WERE the music to our generation, and that Adam was the resident filmmaker of the crew (he would step into the shoes of the mysterious 'Nathaniel Hornblower' for these duties) made me cherish his craft more. I could go on for days about my ties to the BB and their influence on me, but this random moment, finding a lonely set of "cans" on the grass when I heard the news, felt so...appropriate.

I leave you with a video I did last year, a little love letter to both the Beastie Boys and one of my favorite 80's movies, INNERSPACE. I always had this idea in my head and one night at 3am, I just started playing. Thankfully, my friend Ted G showed the video to MCA who gave it his warm approval, so through our art, I had some form of connection to a hero. God bless art.

Rest In Peace Adam MCA Yauch. Thank you for fighting for our right. To live.


...and here is the last video MCA/Nathaniel directed, which feels like Full Circle of sorts...


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