Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shot of the Day #56: Air-bourne air-drums...

Shot with iphone. Click to enlarge.

So Im off to the set of Green's movie (shhhh, top secret stuff) and from the moment I woke up, to this moment above, my blood was simmering over on the boil for various reasons, most of which were out of my control so I just had to take a big sip of shit and digest it. I finally get to the flight, finally get my seat and buckle in, and trying to decompress and clear my head...and I have to hear this whackadoo's earphones blasting some kind of world music as he air-drums away, seen here. Now, I think he was kinda...oh what's the word..."mentally challenged"? That's a nice way to say it...but then I peek at his screen as he bashes away at the imaginary snare drums with his invisible sticks and see he's doing his taxes! Maybe he's of the Rainman contingent, but suffice to say, he had no inner air-drum censor as he rocked out, annoying me in my peripheral vision the whole time. I sucked it up and made script notes, trying hard not to notice as he channels his inner Grohl.

Finally got into SLC and had to wait a few hours for my ride (the shuttle taxi was picking someone else up so it was either wait or pay $150 for a cab...the wait won out) and while waiting, i braved a tuna sandwich from the vending machine, the ONLY thing that seemed 10% edible and with my stomach screaming for sustinence, I had to oblige. Question: Is tuna salad supposed to be blue? Let me know, PLEASE. But finally arrived at the house everyone is staying at and I passed out, ready to hit the set bright and early...super excited.



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