Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New 311 promo video! (and some oldies but goodies)

Hey all,

Here is a little video I did a few weeks back, before the coming of The Remy, for one of my favorite bands, 311. It was an amazing, if VERY fast collaboration (shot in a few hours, cut in a few hours...and 4 weeks to upload, hahahaha) and it was an honor to work with the guys again. Here is the link, in un-glorious SD (the HD version got screwed up by YouTube, thanks guys):

Also, here are 2 other videos I did with the band a few years back with my good friend Steve Oritt that was included on their EVOLVER album. These were a blast to make...and look for my cameo!!!

The Making of the Evolver Album Cover:

The Evolution of Evolver:


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