Friday, January 02, 2009

Shot of the Day #2: Magic just happened...

Shot with Nikon Coolpix D2. Click to Enlarge.

So here is a shot I took this morning after Green and I recorded a very special commentary for a very special film to both of us. Now, I thought it was gonna be kept on the DL, so i was trying to find some cool, cryptic image to hint at it a little, not let the cat out of the bag....but I guess that little furball is out and hissing, 'cause not 20 minutes after we left the recording studio in Santa Monica I got TWO random text messages from well-wishers saying "Hope you and Green kill the commentary!". Huh? Turns out Adam did a Status Update on his myspace saying "off to do the Jason commentary with Lynch!" Not that it HAD to be a big secret, but holy shit word travels fast! So yeah...we were invited to do a "fan/filmmaker commentary" for the forthcoming DVD (maybe Blu-Ray?) release of FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER, which should be coming out sometime in '09. It was a complete honor to be asked to do it and major thank you's go to Daniel Farrands for recommending us for this opportunity and I hope it was as entertaining and informative as we thought it was "on the day".

Holy shit did that all just happen??? Im still in shock I think. Holy stink-nuggets, that was crazy!!! Wow. Just, wow.

(Excuse me, I need to compose....thank you.)

When Green and I walked out of the recording session, we had huge grins on our faces as we passed the baton to the next set of guest commentators (which I'll keep mum for now on, but it's gonna be pretty Rotten and Creepy...wait, too easy a hint?) and I think we were pretty proud of the recorded results. We both hold that film in very high regard, and I think fans will be happy with our somewhat in-depth look at what, to me, is the GODFATHER PART 2 (or, to the younger generation, the DARK KNIGHT) of the Jason saga and we gave it much loving lip-service...and never once spoke about LOVE, ACTUALLY. Pretty proud about that.

Can't wait to hear the final product.

Fuck, I hope I didn't say 'Fuck" too much.

Staying Scary,



Blogger Johnny said...

Holy shit no way! Final Chapter has always been my favorite of the Friday series and you guys doing a commentary for it is just about the best news i've heard in a while! Can't wait to (sort of) watch it with you guys!

I'm currently balls deep back into the whole Friday world thanks to the gal pal getting me Crystal Lake Memories for Christmas. Have you paged through that one yet?

8:02 PM  

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