Sunday, January 04, 2009

Shot of the Day #4: Banz & The Tummynut.

So I was so revved up that I had a great S.O.T.D. (yeah, it's day 4...we're reverting to Acronyms) earlier today when we took some of the extended family to one of our favorite feed bags, Real Food Daily, which occasionally has the occasional celeb to quietly gawk at; "hey there's Mike White." or "7'O clock...drummer from Fall Out Boy" but today, we got an eyeful of Ellen DeGeneres, her "belle" Portia de Rossi and the brilliantly understated actor Wallace Langham, all in one table. Sweet!

Oh, and the Drummer from FOB was there....again.

So I had to take a shot, thinking "Wow, here's an actual juicy TMZ moment to contribute this stupid experiment." and I'd be set with my contribution to the cause, bing bang boom. Even better, after I took said shot, who walks in, but Sarah Gilbert & Ron Livingston (seperately, mind you), so it was a star studded Brunch indeed! So, this was truly a moment I felt fit the mold for this. Done and done...right?

Shot with Nikon D90. Click to Enlarge.

Well, then you get moments like these...just your typical Almond-in-Pregnant-Belly-Button-Stalked-By-Banzai situation, and I had to pull out the D-90, which has a really nice lens (gotta check it out to find the specs), and grab that intense stare...Alec Baldwin would be proud. It's downright smoldering.

Hey, this was all about stealing a slice of time, right? Well, here's a piece, enjoy. Hope you like nuts.

Staying Scary,

PS: Aw, hell...I couldn't resist! The gal on frame left (stage right) is my Sister-in-Law, Emily. She just got her herr did.

Shot with Iphone. Click to Enlarge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another strange Banzai food obession...raw almonds. That girl is a freak.
I just love that her conversation with the almond led to some major baby acrobatics. He was probably like, "give her the nut you fucking weirdos! the belly button is my zone!"

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice call on RFD being a great place for sightings.

personal favorite was seeing King Buzzo and Dale from Melvins there shortly after it opened.

3:29 PM  

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