Saturday, January 03, 2009

Shot of the Day #3: The Breakfast Club '09

Shot with Iphone. Click to Enlarge.

It's 10 am on a Saturday morning and we're going over homework. Yeah.

A quick snap from the Birthing class we're attending right up until lil "Plissken" (as we've been calling him In Utero) pops. It's been a very interesting class and a few complications aside (and homework...seriously? I thought I left that shit behind!), we always walk away feeling better about the path we're taking in bringing the lil' guy into the world. The best part is relating and getting to know the other couples in the class, who are from all walks and corners of life and a really great bunch to talk stuff out and share stories with. Sure, it might dish out some "work to accomplish outside of class" (see? putting a fresh coat of spin on it helps!) and be 3 hours on a Saturday, but it's been a pretty enriching experience.

What, you wanted something movie or horror related? Sooooooory, can't be all Glamour 'N Gore EVERY day...well....

C'mon, I'm trying to fill a quota here!

Oh, and notice the date...I clearly have "Previousyearitosis", the g condition where the afflicted forgets it's the new year and habitually writes down the previous year for the first few days, weeks...hell even MONTHS (Hell, I was stuck in 1995 for most of 1996!).
It's not fatal, but I'm sure its a scourge on the banking community...more than we will ever know.

Also, notice the Keenan Ivory Wayans lookalike hovering over the date on said pic. Kept me giggling silently throughout, thanks dude!

Happy Saturday.

Staying Scary,


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