Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shot of the Day: Day Zero

Hey all,


Bri and I are about to run out but I wanted to stop by and say hi.

So my new year's resolution is actually hard-wired into this very blog, for better or worse. 2009 is going to be one of the most challenging, exciting, unpredictable and absolutely adventure-saturated as I've ever encountered, and I thought of something I could do to stay frosty and creative while taking a visual log of the next year with my family, friends and any/everything in my orbit. Pompous and pretentious? Probably, but fuck it, can't hurt to try (as Edison once said...or was it Hitler?).

Inspired by the "fly on the wall" ease of Danny Clinch's misc. snapshots (which he frequently sends out in a mass email, much to our delight since Bri and I are huge fans) and the admirable dedication and discipline of Brian Collins' addictive Horror-Movie-A-Day website, I'm going to attempt, every day for the next 365 of 'em, to capture a moment in time, once a day, and present it here in photo-form. With cameras within fingertip's reach every day, even as close as my pocket with that trusty iphone and as powerful as Bri's fucking killer new SLR (it's AWESOME), I thought "Hell, it can't be hard to grab a moment in time digitally, right?" We shall see how this hasty plan develops, and there is no particular agenda or thesis for these pictures (sorry, no visual installation at the Guggenheim for me)...they're likely to be the most random and boring mise en scene snaps you're bound to view on the interwebs, so I guess i'm doing it more for my own archival purposes than anything else, to see if I have the discipline to pull it off and see where it goes creatively. I'm usually so quick to pull out a camera and capture an image from the "frame" in front of me, usually taking impromptu shots of shorn facial hair, gum on a seat in the movies, the always-entertaining shenanigans of Banzai, Bri sleeping on the couch looking cute (or getting annoyed) and the why not make something constructive out of it, no? Hell, it could be fun, and I think with the crazy year that's ahead of us, it could elicit some compelling stuff.

So, a day before the ribbon is cut on this arguably stupid idea, I thought I would throw one up for "Day Zero"....

DAY 0:
Shot with Iphone. Click to Enlarge.

...It was 7am and I was off to the gym before work. I can't believe I actually get up to be miserable and sweat for an hour, but it's worth not quietly hating myself in the reflection. So, blearly-eyed and a gut filled with vitamins, I was out the door and driving down Venice Blvd, and suddenly, I'm driving straight into Stephen King's THE MIST. There was a rare stillness in the air that was both inviting and beautiful and creepy as fuck at the same time.

So, here's to a cool creative challenge. More to come, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling a little early.
Viva 2009!

Staying Scary,


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