Wednesday, December 24, 2008

See more Seymour by the Seashore...

Hey all,

Happy Holidays! Sorry its been a while, but you know when you just have SO much to say or rabble on about that it becomes this daunting task? Since the last big entry, I've literally had some life-changing events occur, some I can talk about, some I can't (yet...;)) but its been a hell of a month from Thanksgiving till Xmas and hopefully I'll find the time to sit down and recount it, even just for my own purposes so i don't forget it all.

However, I gotta share one moment, this is just something to file under "Hollywood Holiday Weirdness".

Last night, after a last-minute trip to the doctor's, Bri treated me to dinner to Urth Cafe, the one in the taint between Santa Monica and Venice. The better of the three Urth franchises (the West Hollywood branch, made famous by ENTOURAGE, even though I've yet to see Frank Darabont or Johnny Drama there, is way too packed with people ) the hip cafe has some cool Vegan deserts for Bri and one HELL of a Tea Latte...and if you think that's a girly drink, fuck off, you haven't tried one.

So we walk out from a nice dinner and taking dessert and Tea Lattes home with us and get in the Prius, leave for home. As we're driving down Main street near the Longs Drugs, an elderly man walks across the street to his own beat, taking his time as he does. We weren't in a big rush, so we slowed for his Jaywalking and when he crossed our path, he put up a big finger towards us, pointing his index finger in our direction. Now, it wasn't a hostile, defensive "Im walkin' here! Don't you DARE run over me!" kinda was more like "Hey now...keep on keepin' on gang!" point, a cool point, if you will. But, as he kept pointing and walking as his feet met the sidewalk, Bri said "Hey...wait a minute" and then my Nerd Alert went off like a match to cotton; that Seymour Cassell???

Yup. The legendary veteran actor of numerous films, big (Indecent Proposal, Rushmore) and small (Cassavetes' Faces, Uwe Boll's Postal...?!) was just strolling along, minding his B's and Q's, but POINTING at us like we were somehow the chosen ones. I said ", it is, that's Seymour Cassell! What the hell!?!" I mean, like an US WEEKLY....aging actors Jaywalk too! We were both a little stunned but smiling, it just further made what was starting out as a shitty day into a pleasant evening. Just one of those surreal moments that you can only find in Hollywood on a Tuesday night at 9:40 in Venice....and I had to share.

More to come, but to you and yours....have a safe and Happy Holiday!!! See you in 2009...its gonna be a WILD RIDE!!!

Staying Scary,


Blogger JRae said...


Been thinking of you guys, happy holidays and happy new year!! And I hope the doctor's visit went well... :)

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention how we both waved at him, and as we were waving and smiling, like, "hello, strange old man pointing at us," we realized who it was. that was too funny.

11:33 PM  

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