Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cheezeburger Cheezeburger Chiklis!

Hey all,

Ive been desperate to see the movie WIRED for almost 20 years, and somehow the slipperly little sucker has eluded my eyes after many attempts. Being a HUGE SHIELD fan from the beginning, I had always known Michael Chiklis not as "The Comish", the OTHER portly cop he played on ABC a few years prior in the 90's, but as the poor actor who got the brunt of the hate for playing John Belushi in the unauthorized version of the Bob Woodward book, WIRED, which came out in 1989. I was a big Belushi fan back then, even so much that I endured much of his Brother's flicks, and I can never get those collective 180 minutes back for watching MR. DESTINY & K-9, but when this came out, I couldnt get my parents to take me to see it. Sure, CREEPSHOW 2 & TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE? No problemo, but I guess either seeing a bad Belushi impersonator doing mounds of coke for the entire running time didnt seem to make for a good night at the movies, so I had to miss it. Since then, the film has taken on a cult myth, only being released on VHS once and then falling into the depths of a legal abyss, one where not even YouTube has a clip or a trailer. Nuttin' honey.

But, I did find one link, and since its SHIELD TUESDAY...I thought I'd share my find. Anyone who has ever watched the mighty Chiklis take a Phone Book to a perp or shoved an Illegal alien on a hot stove will get a kick out of this clip.

Im actually not looking forward to next week's finale...because then...it's all over. No more Vic, no more Shane, no more Dutchman, Claudette, Ronnie, "Face Fuck" Aceveda and the rest of the motley crew in "Farmington", superbly written characters you dont see too much these days...mainly because most shows are not given the time and creative license to expand their arcs like THE SHIELD did. These are characters and plotlines that I've followed since I was still in New York and have been there, always causing trouble and narrowly ducking and weaving the hard hand of the law, even when they were the hand themselves. Tonight should be a hum-dinger of a "Sopranos" episode...I say this because since the first season of Sopranos, it was pretty much a formula that BIG SHIT happened the second to last episode, leaving the last ep to, I dunno, have talking fish, or a dream sequence, or cut off Journey. So I'm excited...when I can stop watching Chiklis channel the Belushi Greatness...Thank god we still have the real thing to look back on fondly:

Enjoy one of the many wonderfully unconventional tactics 'ole Mackey and the Strike Team employed while in their heyday:

...ah, memories....

Staying Scary,

PS: If ANYONE knows where I can get a copy of WIRED, be it online, some burned DVD or good old-fashioned VHS, please let me know! I will offer blood sacrifices or sexual favors (pending lab results).


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ask and ye shall recieve

Let me know when the lab results come in...

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