Friday, March 14, 2008 an Angel's Vagina...and DOOMSDAY

Hey all,

Was a pretty good week. Loving my iphone. It's actually made my life a LITTLE easier...hey, can't find that address for that place? Boom boom number, map, hell the thing practically ordered FOR me. God bless Big Brot-er, Apple.

We're slowly acclimating to the new digs, and really enjoying the change of pace. So nice to have a bit of the ocean breeze through our hair, not hot porn-tainted Valley air cooking our brains. Banz seems to like the hood, there's a great park around the corner for her to run in, and overall the place has a positive vibe to it.

Saw Bear's brother Brendan play out at Hotel Cafe...what a great frakkin' show. Brendan has one hell of a stage presence, which i got a taste of at the Boingo Halloween shows (he does vocals and actually makes the show his own while respecting The Elfman...tricky stuff!) but this live show, accompanied by OB hero Steve Bartek, kicks major amounts of ass and had me humming the whole way home. If you get a chance, you gotta see Brendan kick out the jammies. Check out his myspace HERE.

Got an email from one of my cinematic heroes telling me how much he enjoyed WRONG TURN 2.
Holy shit, I'm still shaking.
I never thought in a zillion years that I would have the honor and privledge to comiserate with people I've admired as long as I can remember, let alone have them compliment my work! I know it might not seem like a big deal, but that one email totally revitalized my drive...sometimes a "good job, asshole" from someone you respect is all it takes.

As you can see from the top pic...I'm currently rockin the 'Burt Reynolds" a bit after cultivating quite a beard since before the move. I dunno why, but a moustache just brings out so many different reactions in people. Some people vocally endorse it, some giggle when i exit the elevator...and i can't tell you how many times people at the screening we went to last night said "Hey Lynch, just stepped off the porn set?" I dunno...I just dig it, man. Wonder how long I'll keep it...time (and behind-the-back snickers) will tell...

Saw REC this week. Now, I'm already getting burned out on "found footage" flicks, but kept hearing how tense and gripping this Spanish import was (which is ALREADY being remade...from the director of THE POOKIPSEE, how's that for inbreeding?) so watching it from my laptop, I was still shocked to see how effective it was. Maybe it was due to our constant and recent ability to see video on the web, including news, and believe it like we do on TV. But the presentation is so simple and well executed, you do forget that it's scripted at all, even though the plot is much less complex than say CLOVERFIELD, DIARY OF THE DEAD or PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. It's as if it was one tape, one swatch of time captured in this apartment complex as a viral outbreak takes hold, unleashing Danny Boyle-esque flesh munchers (i.e.-fast moving fuckers) and we're just rolling through the footage, similar to the second half of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. It's one of the more memorable "FF" efforts out there, and hopefully doesn't get lost in the pile. Check it out when it gets distro soon...god help the remake though.

Got the new issue of SPOOKS...fuck its good. So awesome that it's selling out all over, and for good reason...the art is great and the writing tight and fun, like a drunk virgin at the Sophmore prom. Shit, did I just write that? Nah....

...see those two guys above? BEST CREPES IN LA, more specifically, best "ham egg and cheese crepe" that i discovered at the Santa Monica Farmer's market this past week. Frikkin' french huh? Good taste in movies, excellent Crepe skillz...

Speaking of consumption; Today...Had some of the best sushi I've had in a LONG time...almost as good as the infamous "sushi breakfast" I had in Tokyo back on 05. The place my buddy and I went to was called Kiriko, right off of olympic and a dwarf's throw from our new place, so it was great to discover where I'll be plunking my hard earned cash for tiny pieces of raw fish, happily of course. My friend is a regular there and just said to the chef (in Japanese...cause he's cool like dat) "Serve us lunch...your choice!" and the hits just kept on coming. The fish was SO good i said after a particular bit into smoked salmon sashimi, "This tastes like an Angel's vagina!" to which the patrons next to us promptly moved. was that heavenly. If you are on the west side and yearning to eat out an one of God's warriors, head over to Kiriko.

Finally....ok, this might sound a little soapbox-y, but hear me out....

Do you like movies?
(beat) Good...glad you do too. you like to have FUN at the movies? You know, like the good ole days when things were just released with little to no hype and we discovered them, instead of being bashed over the brains with false hype and marketing-driven "buzz"?
(longer beat) Cool, we park our cars in the same garage, it seems.

Well then....get your ass to the nearest movie theater this weekend, and see Neil Marshall's DOOMSDAY. Seriously, I haven't had this much fun in a movie in so long...that feeling that I remember that is so infrequent these days that was usually a staple of the summer when you exit out of the AC-blasted theater into the sun-baked reality. THis was seriously like watching the best summer movie released in 1983 that you missed and someone, say a good friend or older sibling said "Holy fuck, you never saw (insert hidden gem here)???" and then upon watching it you declare yourself an idiot for missing the awesomeness in the first place. That's DOOMSDAY. Marshall created the best love letter for the 80's action spectacle one could ask for, and while he wears his influences on his bloodied sleeve proudly (with character names like "Miller" & "Carpenter", I mean, come ON), the film still feels fresh and fun and had Bri and I smiling like kids the whole film. It's pure adrenalized entertainment, the kind we BEG for when we hear about remakes of ROBOCOP or ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and groan...and it was even better the second time I saw it. I got the honor to see it months ago at a test screening, and it was good....but this final version of DOOMSDAY it pitch fucking perfect. The story, the acting, the sets, the look, hell the music, all smacks retro, but why do we rewatch movies like that? To capture those smiles again...and this fucker is FULL of smile, gag, laugh and scream-inducing moments...oh, did I mention its bloody violent as fuck?

DOOMSDAY is the type of movie you will be bragging to your kids 20 years from now when they are all DDAY worshipers, wearing the shirts and endlessly quoting it, proving to them how cool their old man or woman is for seeing that killer flick in the theater. So at the very least...see it to impress your kids!

So please, do the genre fan world a favor and instead of supporting one of the other films out this weekend (believe me, HORTON HEARS A WHO ain't going nowhere) that the paying audience out there WANTS to see original films, as "homage-inized" as they are, instead of the latest remake that we all go sin-see anyway. By seeing DOOMSDAY, you not only support the scene in apositive get to see one ass-stomping movie that I garuntee will make you want a sequel asap.

Congrats fucking did it man.

Here is the trailer...and below that a piece on Neil and the film at G4...if that don't convince you...well go enjoy PROM NIGHT and fuck the fuck off.

Have a good weekend!

Staying Scary,


Blogger Scott Weinberg said...

If Escape from New York and The Road Warrior had nasty sex while 28 Days Later shot the thing on HD, the result would be Doomsday.

Nice 'stache, porn king.

3:30 PM  

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