Friday, March 07, 2008

F*CK FEBURARY...moving on.

Hey all,

How bout this...can we just say this past Feburary never happened? Just write it off, sweep it under the rug, what have you. I'm sorry I didn't write more, recounting the trials and tribulations of the last month, but from the New York tip to a few days ago, my life was pretty FUBAR. Hey, whatever doesn't kill you, right?

But I'm back now, recovering from the maelstrom of moving and other shenannigans and ready to kick ass again. Been too long, folks.

So I'll be back soon and more often, now that I can shake the stink of Feburary off of me, unpack my bag of dicks and get going again. Hey maybe I can now get back to the Top 10 of that the fucking Oscars are long past done and The Coens came out as the Cream of the Cinematic Crop (Congrats, boys, well deserved! Now don't make another INTOLLERABLE CRUELTY again...please?)

File under "A few cool things":

-Got to make a dream come true and have a sit down with George A(wesome) Romero and Greg "Fucking" Nicotero for a pilot that did, and it was a real blast. Watch Green and I TRY to contain ourselves while talking shop with the masters of the Undead HERE. Thanks to Rotten, Parker and everyone involved for giving me the opportunity to geek ou-er...commiserate with fellow colleagues in the horror community that I admire greatly. Yeah, that sounds much nicer.

-FINALLY got an iphone, which I've been wanting for years. Wow, my contacts actually sync up to my computer? I can actually get my mac email on my phone without having to restart the phone every time i check it? HOLY SCHNIKIES. Im very happy right now with the device, even though I've just stuffed my pocket with ANOTHER fucking gadget. My balls must be radioactive by now.

-Won "Best Kill" at the ANTI-ACADEMY AWARDS, which I'm honored, even though personally I felt that the "Axe Wound" kill in the beginning was better. Hell, at least I beat HATCHET...check out the video below and check out the entire awards show HERE (Great Job Dan!)

-Got to say "No comment" for the first time when a project I MIGHT be doing got leaked. Felt odd not to be able to talk about it, but kinda cool at the same time. TMZ, here i come! I wish I could say more on the topic but I'll have to simply say...well, you know.

-WT2 in the news: First "Aussiegate" (which you can read below) and then they name dropped WT2 in an article on how a casting director for the film SHELTER posted a local casting call in W. Virginia look for "inbred" types, and after a public outcry from the W.VA officials, claiming films like WRONG TURN 2 are perpetuating a false stereotype, and the casting director was prompty fired. Sad, but I guess I can say I too am guilty by association on the charges of promoting "Incesticide"...but to this I say..."Sorry West Virginia!" (Please dont eat me). You can read the story HERE.

-Saw IN BRUGES. Fucking tits. Huge ones. See it now.

-Pulled a "Matrix" and dodged a major bullet by walking away from a particular project when it was going in a completely different direction than what i was told at retrospect, I feel really happy about the decision and got to make a stronger relationship with the studio involved, but damn would it have been fucking cool. Oh well, politics takes creativity many times in this biz, you just gotta roll with the punches I guess. But seriously....woooosh!

File under "NOT COOL at all" category:

-Moving: It frakkin' sucks ass.
Big juicy apple bottom ass, the kind you see in full bloom on FLAVOR OF LOVE 1-3.
I swear we should have just called 'Murphy's Law Movers" because at least then we would have been more prepared for the nightmare that ensued, one that would even make Wes Craven shudder. I will spare you the gory details, but its over...for now, and we (quite literally) barely survived.

Well enough about the past...onward to March...and getting older. Fuck, this used to be a GOOD month, now I dread putting another notch on my mortal coil. Dammit. Then again, my birthday this year falls on a holy day, so maybe I'll be blessed or something pious like that. Amen.

Staying Scary,

PS: Enjoy....

Two Redneck Women Fight in the Middle of Nowhere
It's a good thing their cousins from <i>Wrong Turn 2</i> weren't around or this could've been a lot worse. (<b>NOTE:</b>we changed servers today, so things could be a little buggy for a day or two. please email me if thumbnails/videos are not working for you)
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