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An Open Letter to The UK (Re: Wrong Turn 2)

Dear UK,

Hey! How are you? Christ, it's been too long since we last met up. Happy New Year, by the way...hope you guys had a joyous holiday filled with merriment and debauchery. How are the kids?

Im deeply saddened that I can't be on your side of the fence right now on the day of the DVD release, as I really miss being over there. Since FrightFest in August it's been a whirlwind time for WT2. What a hoot that week was, huh? Man, the memories...I cant wait for next year, maybe we can get Green to come back as well and hit The Phoenix for a few pints.

Well, since that magical time (which I'll wax more on in a quick) we hit Austin, where our mutual UK pals Alan and Paul met up and we took Fantasticfest and the Alamo Drafthouse by (fart)storm. It was a great time, the Austin Film crowd are the Prom Queen's Panties:

Then, we had a dual premiere in New York AND LA on the same night, I think a first for a dinky DTV movie! Both nights were a's a few pics from the LA shindig:

...and here is a video that my East Coast mates at IconsofFright did for the New York premiere (thanks Barnick!):

Then the flick was unleashed on Oct 9th, and I gotta admit, I was shocked at the overwhelming response we got, both by the critics & the fans. Sure, there were some who didn't enjoy it, and hey, to each their own; it's a HORROR movie, and thus, not everyone is going to go with the flow, so to speak. I knew I was making a particular blend of flick with it's own tone, one that honestly, isn't for everyone, but those who do enjoy a good "Video Nasty" I think is sure to have a pisser of a time with the flick with a few pints and a few mates on a Friday eve.

But I will admit, it was my time there with you that I might cherish the most. Call me a commie, but it was a dream come true for me to have the first public screening of the movie on your shores, because the first thing that popped into my head when i read the script was "This is a splatter movie!" Oh, the SECOND thing I thought (or was it the third?) was "This is a true 'Video Nasty'!" and that was my goal; to give the audience the same visceral thrill i got from watching movies that were given that kick-ass label, "Nasties" like EVIL DEAD, THE BURNING, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST & LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, movies that I loved growing up seeking out BECAUSE it was given that er, damning stamp, which kinda gives you a hint at my parent's wonderful child-rearing skills (actually, my mom was a huge horror buff, so dunk HER in the river to see if she floats). Seeing how the audience at FrightFestUK, one of the most respectful and rabid of horror devotees this side of a Fango Burbank convention on a Saturday, received the movie when it premiered at the Odeon West on that humid Saturday in August, it gave me such a thrill that people screamed, cheered, laughed and jumped in all the tight placed...even the folks who hated the first one got into it!

In the past, I've heard that you UK fans have quite the discriminating palate when it comes to horror (paging Alan Jones, Alan Jones...), and since a DTV movie like this usually doesn't even get the privilege of a festival screening, I was nervously excited to get a public reaction, especially from the UK, remember the buckets of sweat I was pouring out from all pores? God bless that headband. It was an honor to show it to a few hundred of you at FrightFest, and thanks again for being so hospitable with a sweaty, geeky yank while I was there.

It's a shame that there wont be any more public showings like FFUK again over in your neck of the woods, but believe me, it was worth using the parameters of DVD to give you the "juiciest" version of the movie we could instead of falling victim to the ratings boards, so I hope you enjoy the copious amounts of entrails and incest we snuck past Unkie Rupert's nose. Plus, now it's a TRUE "Video Nasty", so you can enjoy it at home like I did when i was growing up watching EVIL DEAD 2, RE-ANIMATOR, TCM2 & other splatter flicks in the 80's i devoured on VHS. Bon Apetit, and enjoy with a side of mushy peas and a nice roast, especially by the "BBQ" scene....deelicious.

So, give my best to mum, hope you liked THE MIST and hopefully we'll meet up again soon, I do miss the Big Breakfast and the half/half popcorn. Oh, tell Henry I said hi when he stops by.

Staying Scary,

PS: Oh yeah, you can get it right HERE!



Blogger Brian said...

good to see another post from you. Hope you had a good holiday season...


1:59 PM  
Blogger Adam Barnick said...

Yer Welcome Lynch!

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