Monday, December 10, 2007

Sad day for Fangoria

Dear All,

This is truly devastating for the Horror community. Fangoria was and still is a staple for my Horror obsession, and I've been reading it steadily for close to 25 years now, so everything from the Editors Note to the "Things To Come" section at the end, feels like HOME when i flip through it's pages. Sure, the Terror Teletype isn't as cool because while that section was the first word in highlighting new movies in production/development is now usually old news due to the Internets, but otherwise, Tony T, Mike G and the Fango Team has been keeping the love alive for so long, adding issue after issue to his great history and back catalog of issues...

Well, like the evil fires that almost brought Aardman to its melted clay knees 2 years back, this horrible news comes from

December 10: Fire destroys Fango back issue supply

Hell came to FANGORIA last Wednesday when a massive fire that swept through a warehouse in Oregon, IL destroyed our supply of back issues used to fulfill mail and on-line orders. Also consumed by the flames were copies of STARLOG, STAR TREK and our dozens of past movie tie-in magazines. As a result, we are unfortunately no longer able to process back-issue orders for any of our past titles—so collectors, hold onto the ones you’ve got! The photo above was provided by one of our FANGORIA bulletin board members, who is also one of 20 employees who escaped the building unharmed.

The blaze was set off when a forklift driver in the warehouse punctured a gas line close to a space heater, and required over 100 firefighters from 20 different departments to bring it under control. Hampering their efforts was the fact that the building’s sprinkler system has been turned off—which fire marshals are currently investigating. Total damages are estimated at $8 million; Fango thanks and salutes the firefighters and other responders who worked to put out the flames. —Michael Gingold

My deepest sympathies to everyone at Fangoria for their loss...thankfully noone was harmed, but a little bit of Genre history has gone up in smoke. I'm extremely bummed about this.

...collectors, start bagging your back issues.


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