Friday, November 23, 2007

The Reign has ended...and save THE MIST!!!

Hey all,

So, it's over...

...and I couldnt be more honored.

Well gang, WRONG TURN 2 ended its #1 run after 5 consecutive weeks, it's arm being broken in half and thrown head-first into a pool table ball hole by none other than the Ponytail himself, Steven Segal. His new flick URBAN JUSTICE sounds right out of his 80's run of break-em-up's, although if that were totally true the title is missing one word (Segal's first string of cult hits until UNDER SIEGE-his mainstream success-all had 3 name titles like OUT FOR JUSTICE, MARKED FOR DEATH & HARD TO KILL) but again, for an 80's relic like ole Stevie to give us a run for our money, I humbily bow. I haven't seen his new one yet, and I wont lie and say I didnt much follow his filmography past UNDER SIEGE 2 ("Where's Erika's boobies? Who's this kid? Where is Tommy Lee Jones and Busey!? Im out. Let's go watch the POWER RANGERS movie...") but I gotta check this out. I mean, it's got Eddie Griffin & Danny Trejo in it, how bad could it be...right? Hey where are you going? Don't click on-oh well.

Thank you to EVERYONE who supported the movie thus far...for taking a chance and checking it out and telling your friends and even your enemies for them to endure...from the bottom of my heart, I thankie, sai.

Also, if you are on this blog then you must have a SCANT interest in the horror genre and if so, I need you to do me a HUGE favor.

Go see THE MIST.

I know you might have heard mixed things, but remember : Horror doesnt fare well with mainstream critics. Even the petigree that this film has with Darabont and the stellar cast, it's still an icky monster movie to many critics, so they will be harder on it. Sure, I know you REALLY wanna see ENCHANTED this weekend, but after hearing that THE MIST is fading into the B.O. over flicks like ENCHANTED & THIS CHRISTMAS, give yourself a treat and see one of the best horror movies in the last few years. Seriously, everyone complains when the genre is lacking or successful but not entirely there quality wise...and yet when a GREAT, uncompromising, truly scary piece of work comes to light, most turn their backs on it (hello, or rather, GOODBYE to GRINDHOUSE). Its a shame that when the studio putting it out, Dimension, reflects back on their fiscal year where two of their more "daring" projects, both HARD-R rated films got the corpse's shoulder, while a bumfuck remake (HALLOWEEN) and a PG-13 King adaptation (1408, which I did dig however) were the money makers, that they will simply go where the money is...and which means that we should expect MORE unneeded remakes and more vanilla horror to come.

So...put your money where your hearts are, horror fan. If not, it's like having Bush in office any's only your own damn fault. Viva THE MIST!!!

Happy Holidays!

Staying Scary,


Blogger Adam Barnick said...

Urban For Justice!

There's part 3, sir. Seagal, on a routine training mission in the West Virginia woods, hears wind passing through a tree- only to realize it's Three Finger's chest, he's back and even MORE pissed!

Lynch, The Mist was amazing. Full report coming. WOW. That film's got some monster alternate dimension(in both plot sense, and in "I can't believe Dimension didn't fuck it up" sense) cojones.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'll be seeing THE MIST today...fucking finally! I can't wait.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Cinema Dude said...

hey joe do that fucking post on the premier already

4:10 PM  

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