Monday, October 08, 2007


Hey all,

Well, off to the races...the LA Premiere screening is in a few hours and Im excited. Nervous? Only a touch since so many friends and (gulp) industry people will be there and of course I want to put on the best impression on behalf of the movie (so dont expect any impromptu Shit Ghosts this time folks, sorry) so i hope it goes well, but Im more excited to see it for the last time on the big screen with a big crowd...feels like the home stretch. Even though today was a bitch and a half to get through to get to 20 minutes before we embark to the Chinese to see it with about 350+ people is fucking thrilling. It's just hitting me. Wow.

Top of the world, ma.

So as we depart, I wanted to send you all this little visual gem.

My good friend (and amazing music video DP I've worked with a bunch) Brett Juskalian, was in the Orient shooting a film when happened upon a peculiar title amongst the bootlegs being pushed on unsuspecting comsumers and tourists;


Granted, this is almost a month ago, right around the time of the infamous "Bit Torrent Virtual Massacre" in fact, but he saw it and got me a copy. Oh, hoot.

However when it came in the mail, I was shocked to see the credits...and actually, quite honored! Look closer or click on the above image and gander at the Special Features.

Looks like our good friend Darren (REPO! THE MUSICAL...some other flicks, oh what are they called...KNIFE? CLEAVER?) Lynn Bousman and some other Twisted Pictures All Stars are major contributors on the special features! Seriously guys, Im honored.

Well, we're off..lots of pictures and such to follow...See ya!

Staying Scary,

"The flowers were awesome....thank you!!!!"


Blogger BC said...

Being a total loser/nerd, I used to look at the 'features' on the back of DVD bootlegs and try to figure out which movie they were actually from... I usually got like 3 out of 5 or so.

11:59 AM  
Blogger Joe Lynch said...

hahahahaha...gotta be careful...clearly bootleggers are not good fact checkers, nor probably fans.

1:13 PM  

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