Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hey all,


Well, WRONG TURN 2 is out there like Dale Murphy on a blood hunt, and people are buying...and buying...and renting...and's just flooring me to think that Mutant Incest and bloody entrails are dripping in homes across america RIGHT an idea spawned in Osaka Japan more than a year ago is actually infiltrating Home theaters an Bit Torrents the world over is a lot to digest, but damn if it aint cool!

As of right now, the film on DVD is doing VERY well, coming in at #9 in TOP U.S. DVD SALES and #10 in the TOP U.S. DVD RENTALS...holy schnikies! Even the WRONG TURN 2-PACK is selling like the cure for Ebola, coming in at #13 in DVD sales. This is amazing news, totally shocking to many, including Fox! Seriously, when was the last time a DIRECT-TO-DVD film, with no theatrical release and less marketing than usual releases debuts this high?? This is a testament to Horror fans...that we are still out there!

Hopefully it continues its great sales and rentals, but honestly, just seeing that my crazy ideas for getting the film out there, supported and fostered by the amazing PR team Fox put on the film (Dottie and Conor especially), who are the unsung heroes of this movie. They believed in it, believed in me, and hopefully Fox sees their hard work on a title that had no right to be where it is pay off.

I just wanted to say thank you so much from the bottom of my dark heart for all of your help, dedication and support on WRONG TURN 2, one of the greatest experiences of my life and hopefully just the beginning. We could not have been able to do it without the viral and online support from you guys, and I appreciate it so much. From the myspace page (Jeremy, you rock!) to the bulletin board postings, to the fans going on the message boards to spread the good word to the horror sites embracing the film and its twisted vision, to the awesome online campaign devised by Lesley and John at Fox (including the official site...Cannibal Baseball? and I thought I was sick) to the festivals we were accepted to and kicked ass in to just horror fans spreading the good word...all of this was so integral in getting the word out about our little flick and its paid off big time. So, to all of you, I toast a pint of blood in your honor.

Thank you. So much.

Now, lets keep things Scary!

Staying...well, you know,

PS: I havent forgotten about the premiere week blog, Im just trying to find the time to finish know me, Im writing a novel. Stay tuned!


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