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Hey gang,

Well, only a few more days to the US premiere in thw world famous Alamo Drafthouse as part of Fantasticfest, and I'm getting very excited. Hoping that the reaction is even a smidge of what it was in the UK...crossing pubes there. I love that I get to go to what I've heard is the coolest city in the US, home of Linklater, Rodriguez, elist goes on. If you are out in the Austin area and like mutant incest and entrails, stop on by Friday night at midnight....should be a hootenanny.

Here is a commercial for FantasticFest (which uses copious amounts of a certain film...but beware of gag spoilers!)...damn fine advertising.

Been a busy few weeks since I got back from the much stuff to do before the release, which is only a few weeks away! Holy crap!! I can't believe its that close. Still bummed it got Bit Torrented, so hopefully some of those people who saw it and liked it will want to venture out and see the complete, high res version on a nice TV instead of a shitty downloaded file, but's in the Cinema God's hands now...

...but what's fucking rad as rat farts is that the muthafuckin' soundtrack to WRONG TURN 2 just came out this week. I cannot believe that an actual scored soundtrack for my film, done by a composer I highly admire, is out there....and I haven't even heard it yet! Bear's been telling me for months how how the new version is like a major face-life on the score in the film, almost like an "Extended Composer's Cut" which to me is pretty frakking cool (sorry, had to do it...get it? Bear? Galactica?? Fra-oh fucking christ, forget it). I've seen the cd cover, which is insane because it has some um...."revealing" shots of Sweaty & The Bear, so be warned. But the liner notes are bad-fucking-ass. However.

I fucked up.

In the liner notes, they asked me if I wanted to have a thank you, which seemed odd but fine by me. But in my haste, I forgot one of the most important names if the lot who were a major part of my getting the film, as well as someone I consider one of my closest friends ever. Luke muthafuckin Rivett. Not to make you start questioning my sexual preference, but I love this guy with all my heart. He's been there for me through thick and thin, and I hope I have done the same for him. I truly consider him a mate, and hell....he basically got my feature film career going. So after i checked the liner notes, making sure everyone is in there...and I didnt see his name. DAMMIT!!!! I checked my own notes...and it wasnt there either. How could I have forgotten him? I feel like a right bastard, and even though when I told him he was like "no worries matey", it still stings to know I fucked up and realy need to stop multitasking out the wazoo. Just know, if and when you pick up the soundtrack (which you can get HERE)...if i could dedicate that soundtrack to anyone, it would be Luke Muthafuckin' Rivett. Thanks Buddy...

THE SIMPSONS MOVIE: Man, Bri and I are BAD Simpsons fans. Look, I've been a rabid Simpsons fanatic from the first episode to the last one this season, have been an apologist for its weaker eps and a champion when their humor is spot on, so we were both hotly anticipating the film. I mean, hell, we were even salivating inside the Quik-E-Mart that erected itself (heh...erect) upon the release in July, we were that excited. Unfortunately, the movie came out the same weekend as Comic-con (good job guys, right when all the nerds are in one place) and then with the UK trip and all the other crazy shit going on, we never got a chance to go. So, when i found out it was playing ONE MORE night at the Arclight, Bri and I made a sworn promise we HAD to see it before it was gone from theaters. So, last Thursday night at 9:45pm, we drove to the Arclight, giddy with anticipation. "Wouldnt it be funny if it was like, sold out?" Bri says, laughing (knowing it wouldnt) and I said "Don't jinx it!"
Sure enough, we get to the ticket booth and the gentleman there says "Sorry, they cancelled that last show."
Fucknugget. Of course...just our luck.
So, clearly we were devastated. How could this have happened?!?!? Both dejected, disgusted, we shuffled out to the exit when our friends Brian & Gerry, who were at the bar getting likkered' up for the HATCHET show at 10pm (yeah boyee! Support that horror!!) and said we should check out THE BROTHERS SOLOMON. Brian worked with Bob Odenkirk the director and heard it was funny, and I love Will Forte's work on SNL and his writing on ACTION, so we decided to give it a shot.

...kinda wish we saw SIMPSONS.

THIRSTY: On Friday, we went up north a bit on the5 with the THIRSTY crew to shoot some more scenes from the short, which was fun, even though by then I was running on fumes. We had to shoot the scenes in the bathroom and outside where Im attacked by...well, you'll it was mostly me, the skeleton crew and one nasty public bathroom, which we only made nastier thanks to movie magic (actually, chocolate syrup and magic markers).

We pulled a total "guerella" style shoot...permits be damned! But it was fun and I think we got some great footage...and hell, I got to work in "shit ghosts" so I was happy as punch, even after having to lick "poo water" for an hour with my head rested on a public sink that smelled like undead balls. Never a dull moment in the movie making biz!

Eastern Promises: I love me some Cronenberg....from SHIVERS to CRASH to HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, Canada's top cinematic cheese has always delivered, and then some. I was extremely excited for this flick, not only because it was new Cronenberg, but that it was a gangster flick of sorts...and set in London. Im fucking IN.

Well, sad to say, I did NOT like it. I can't believe I'm even writing this, but it just did not agree with me. The story was too fractured and slight, the acting good but uninvolving, and it just bored me to tears. Now, I'll be the first person to defend the meditated pacing of CRASH or even DEAD RINGERS, and Cronenberg isnt one to ramp up the film's pace for ANYONE, but this one just left me cold, and almost falling asleep till the already infamous "dong fight" occured, which actually woke the audience up a bit. Major dissapointment for me, but oh well. I'll be there opening weekend for his next one regardless...

Death Proof: OPEN NOTICE TO UK AND EUROPE: You lucky bastards....ok ok, I know, you guys don't get to see the full GRINDHOUSE experience like we douchetards in the US did, but let me tell you that the new, extended cut of QT's DEATH PROOF that premiered in Cannes and just skidded onto DVD shelves on Tuesday is the fucking bees knees. Seriously, I could vouch for the film in it's shorter version, which I had great fun with. Now, Tarantino has gone back, added a few scenes and gave the film a tune-up that in retrospect, it sorely needed. So much is fleshed out with the girls, with Stuntman Mike and his dark intentions, even the cops from KILL BILL who serve as the "Psycho" exposition, all get a little more love in their characterization, and it worked so well for me. Plus, the big story shift in the middle of the film where we switch focus on a new set of girls now has a real REASON, plus QT explains how S.M. recovered so quickly and was ready to strike again. This might be my film of the year so far now, especially with this cut, and cannot wait to watch it again and again.

Spooky's party: Spooky Dan had a partay for his birthday which was a fun time for all. Steve and Deb came up from San Diego, we got "the band back together" and it seemed everyone had a great night. In true Spooky form, he had a screen up outside (like last summer) and we played various shorts, the ending of SHOCKER (which is arguably the WORST climax ever, but also fucking brilliant)

Trailer Park Boys: Holy christ, this was a long time coming. G4 has FINALLY posted the exclusive video that Zach and I did up in Vancouver in January (!) when we got to meet up with Canada's hottest comedy miscreants, the Trailer Park Boys. I discovered these dudes from my Special Effects guru Bob "Twunty" Comer who gave me the dvd's while i was up there last summer shooting, and instantly fell in love with the show's gritty verite style and loosy goosey comedic tone, and the guys in it are of stoned genius. So we leapt at the chance to do an interview, but it took months of legal hurdling to get to use the clips in this piece, but all the "t"s are crossed and behold the mastery of TRAILER PARK BOYS (and look for the cameo). Why this show is not in the states is beyond me...if anyone's gonna get it, it's the red state demographic!

Check out the fookin' wicked good video HERE.

I'll be blogging my tush off for FantasticFest, so stay tuned!

Staying Scary,


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