Sunday, September 02, 2007


Hey all,

Sorry i had to post this.

I was constantly apologizing on behalf of the USA for fucking up the GRINDHOUSE experience for the UK fans. They heard all about how awesome seeing the full GH film with both films back-to-back and the trailers, and now because of the U.S. theatrical run not living up to the studio's hopes, the films are being seperated and released as such, ripped apart like siblings in a war, and it will never be the same experience. I wish my UK fans could have seen it, and maybe someday they will (Maybe a FRIGHTFEST exclusive next year??? Boys are you listening??????)

However, looks like Quentin made an alternate cut, and for a DEATH PROOF fanatic like myself (my fav of the two, and I loved PLANET TERROR too) I cant wait to see the extended version. It will be bittersweet, but at least UK and Euro fans get a little more sizzle in their steak.

Behold, QT goes gonzo...

Sorry, had to share...Back with more FRIGHTFEST asap!

Staying Scary,


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