Saturday, September 01, 2007


Hey all,

So of course, I get no sleep again. Damn these fun times! I love waking up to the London streets, the bed is WAY too comfortable, but it was also hard to sleep knowing that today is the day, the big premiere. So no time for love Dr. Jones, I gotta be quick as i have to dash over to the Odeon to make sure the buttons (Badges, shit I forgot they're called Badges here...ugh) got there from Liz at Fox and that we're ready to roll. Had a horrible thought that the "rated" version of the movie came, or the pan and scan version. Yes, these are the things that keep a horror filmmaker up at night.

Last night, we decided first to be swept off by the girls to go to some strip joint; when proposed, Adam and I looked at each other and visions of Jumbo's Clown room came into focus. But hey, when in London right? But those were dashed as we finished ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE and we decided to just go back to the hotel with Ian, have a civil drink or 7, then get a good night's sleep for my big day. Of course, that didnt happen, and we all stayed in the bar, being served by a woman who was clearly on slo-mo as she took 20 minutes per drink, as Paul and his lovely girlfriend joined us for some disturbing past sex stories (which i wll not share here for my own sake) and we still ended up weezing from laughter at 3am. But I knew I needed SOME sleep, jet lag or no, and we killed the night around 4am.

Oh, so the flicks caught on the second half of the day:

ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE: I just wanted to comment on how much I liked this slasher throwback. Man, all the throwbacks, anone there to catch them? But Johnathan Levine's confident thriller just worked the audience, and I loved the widescreen look. Green kept saying how much fun this was and how the script was tight (the screenwriter is working with him now on a project) and it did not dissapoint. I wasnt sure about the ending, but the more i think about it the more I either dont care or gave into it. This is a fucking solid horror flick, great characters, slick style and more than enough moments to make it a must see. Can;t wait to see this again with another crowd, and I know Bri's gonna dig it too.

SHROOMS: I wanted to give this a shot; frankly i was watching because i thought they were using the "Snorricam" I used in WT2 and wanted to see if they pulled any similar tricks. That;'s the tough thing about being a horror filmmaker; it truly is like being a magician, and like in THE PRESTIGE (great movie BTW) and you strive to have that unique trick, that one "wow" moment you can call your own. I think we have at least 5-6 in WT2, but Im so protective of them, you know? When i saw HILLS 2 and they had the baby birth, i was like "dammit!". So watching SHROOMS I think I was comparing more, but after the first time they pull a "snorri" like effect, I was fine, since it wasnt similar. The film itself played like CABIN, on mushrooms, with a bunch of people out in the take hallucinagens and then bodies start dropping. Started out strong, then the talking cow came into play, and while it was entertaining, it tried too hard for me. For a late night movie though, it was good fun.

OK, more on the big day tomorrow!


(NOTE: Clearly this is out of order, sorry)


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