Sunday, January 21, 2007

A fan-made Trailer!?!

Holy shit, how cool is this?

There's been some really killer fan-made promo material out there and fuck it if I'm not honored on behalf of everyone involved in the flick. From the get-go there's been an unbelievable amount of support for the film, both from the studio and from the fans out there who I've both met in-person and on the Interweb thus far, and I'm floored, grateful and of course crossing pubes that fans dig the direction we went with the movie. Don't worry, there's plenty of WRONG TURN 2 goodies to come once the film locks a date and the PR machine starts cranking. Lots of closed door meetings right now, so hold tight...but for now keep checking out these really cool D.I.Y. promos that i keep finding out there; great work "Vicent1987", especially the way you appropriate and manipulate some iconic shots from some macabre classics ...can you guys name which movies he uses?

Pretty cool reminds me of my youthful days, taking two VCR's, wiring them together and editing music video remixes using footage from movies like MAD MAX: BEYOND THUNDERDOME, HARDWARE & LETHAL WEAPON 2 (imagine the "House on Stilts Collapse" set to Pantera's FUCKING HOSTILE...tits) and show them at parties, which was usually met with curious looks and dismissive smirks.

Now people can upload video elements directly from the web, edit using flash based software and upload for the world to see with no muss, no fuss, no bullshit "record pause....record! Pause!! fuck...roll it back, do it again...record pause...". You lucky bastards! Kids: learn Final Cut Pro, get a shitty DV camera and kick some ass...cinema is at your fingertips and yor worldwide distribution in a few uploads away.

God bless modern technology. Skynet will be aware momentarily.

Check this fothermucka out HERE.

Yeah Yeah...I'll get to the rest of the New York 07 soon as i get back from Vancouver. Tim Hortons, here I come!

Stayin' Scary,

PS: THE HITCHER: "Worst music cue in an action sequence ever"? You be the judge...or, not.


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