Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Travis and "The Guac Shot"

Hi All,

Might be a bit belated, but it was Travis Betz's 30th birthday this weekend.
Who is Travis Betz? Get off this site NOW!
...go go rent JOSHUA, which was one of my favorite movies last year. Travis is one hell of a guy and one of the most creative dudes I've ever met. He also creates one of the best shorts series on Youtube called THE RECEPTIONIST that is by far one of the most enjoyable things to watch on the web. What this guy can do with one webcam and some construction paper would make Michel Gondry leak brown tar from his choco starfish. You can check out some of his videos HERE.

Travis is a savvy guy too, and actually chamred many of his friends to make a video for his party which he called the 2nd annual DrexelBox Film festival which was a stroke of genius. Luke made a great one called THE RECEPTICLE which you can see HERE....and he helped Bri and I shoot THE GUAC-SHOT, which was shot, edited and burned to DVD in 5 hours, which might be a new record. God bless Apple for making creativity so easy! The best part? That night at the party, before we premiered the video, Bri whipped up a batch of her special recipe and it was GONE in 5 minutes...and then we showed it...

So, without further adiewwww...and you will probably say that...here is my latest Magcum-opus. Big thanks to my lovely co-star/co-director Briana and my co-DP Luke for all the help and for Banzai for being my post coital clean-up crew.

You can see the video HERE.



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