Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shot of the Day 12.233: Bag O' Hair

Shot with iPhone & Camra+, click to enlarge. 

As we get closer to production, it was finally time to cut my long-ass hair, which I saved from any shearing since LAST season. So, if you saw any recent shots of me, would know I'm cutting a fair amount of foliage from my head, a mane I was growing fond of but knew it was time to hit the barber floor.

Des, our makeup guru on HOLLISTON and many other projects, recommended a great hairstylist, Diane, who was down the street from the office, so on Friday I nervously drove over. What if she cut too much off? What if it looks bad? What if they have to recast me or cancel the show FELICITY-style?!?! ...and as someone who usually walks out of a haircut appointment counting the seconds after hearing "Well, it'll grow in after 2 weeks and look better", I couldn't be happier with the cut. So much so that I keep walking around with this bag of hair you see before you, proudly displaying it to anyone I can. "See this? This was on my head!". The usual response was an indifferent ", good for you." but being that I've never really had long hair, this was a milestone.

So...soak it in folks, the mane is no more. But if anyone needs a bag 'o hair, inquire within!

Time to get Season 2 a rockin!



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