Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shot the Day 2.52: Doug Loves Movies

Shot with iPhone & CameraBag, click to enlarge.

I was invited to be on one of my favorite comedian's podcast, Doug Benson's DOUG LOVES MOVIES, and aside from me freezing up and screwing up the game portion, it was a real blast. The above is to my right; Here is Doug checking answers, Kevin P from G4 mugging...and to be fair, on my other side, fellow panelists, Comedian Sean Jordan and illustrious doc filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, who Im a big fan of. I was surrounded by comedy.

Shot with iPhone & CameraBag, click to enlarge.

You can listen to the podcast for free on iTunes HERE. And yes...I'm embarrassed I didn't get JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY, don't rub it in!



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