Thursday, February 09, 2012

Shot of The Day 12.40: Frunkin' Awesome

Shot with iPhone & Infinicam, click to enlarge.

Got invited to a special Tesla Motors event tonight in Hawthorne, at an enormous facility they build rockets in. Felt like an Apple presentation (with a little more rock swagger and greytones) as they unveiled the Model X, their SUV-esque vehicle that got the same kind of gasps I remember the iPhone getting when Steve Jobs pulled it out of his pocket. Pretty killer piece of machinery...and it has a "frunk" (figure that one out). Im sold. That is...when I have money to be sold to get one.

But for me it was seeing all of the Roadsters lined up in a special section (my "date" owns one so we got ushered to the front. Boo ya) which gave off this gleam of utter "Cool" Oh and being at a formal event severely underdressed...which, given I was wearing a Rammstein shirt, made it all the cooler I'd say.

Also: Stood next to Rick Rubin and Jon Favreau. Good company!

Thanks to Aaron for the hookup...what a night!



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