Tuesday, June 22, 2010

KOB Shot of the Day #20: The Man Comes Around (to Spokane)

Shot with iPhone, click to enlarge.

First off, thanks to everyone who not only spread the word on this lil' visual experiment Im concocting here but who complimented me by saying I looked like the dashing and debonair Peter Dinklage in yesterday's SOTD, I was touched!

But be warned: this is NOT a place for scoops (at least, not BLATANT ones ;) ), just a fun thing to do for myself to share with those who are interested in the inner workings of making a/this movie, even if its more with pictures that speak 1000 words (or at least 140 characters on Twitter) than a long winded blog-post as Im wont to do. So please feel free to stop by, say hi, but I can't promise exciting, newsworthy things every day...just whatever happens on the day.
(Chaos Reigns!)

....but again, you never know who will show up...

...Speaking of which, my good friend (and former cast member) Henry rolled into town last night to play a Spoken Word gig literally RIGHT next to my hotel, which was very serendipitous to say the least. Henry has always been a beacon of light to me, be it in spirit or even in person, like he was tonight. His 3 hour show (with not ONE water sip break which made for the best punchline in the show) was a perfect diversion from the stress and madness, and getting to hang with him after for a few after the show and before he jumped on his bus was a treat, just to talk and catch up and he was thrilled to see I was in my element again, which gave me that extra charge.

Always good to see a great friend, even for a moment.

...and like Keizer Soze... "Just like that...Pooof...he was gone"

Happy Trails Henry, and thanks for the advice!


PS: Didn't I say I was not gonna babble? Sheesh.


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