Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shot of the Day #195: Unlikely Customers (and reading material)

Shot with iphone. click to enlarge.

Pre-screening dinner with Green, location: Canter's on Fairfax. As we walk in, Adam is scanning the tables at the historic noshery, as if he's peering around for a familiar face. "Supposedly Axl eats here all the time, like every day for a few years". Being the rock historian that he is, I take his word for it, but then Green points to a particular book on the cold-cuts side that reinforced the point. I haven't read it (Im halfway through WATCH YOU BLEED, one of the many other GnR books chronicling their rise, fall and triumphant semi-re-rise to rock stardom) but it just sticks out like a sore thumb in this otherwise extremely old-school deli restaurant. Then again, nothing says "Hair Metal" than a nice Ruben or a hot kinish. Oy.
The chain on the book is an especially nice touch.

Shot with iphone. click to enlarge.

When we sat down, it was pretty evident that there was a film shoot going on RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. Some low-budget thing with Ben (brother of Fred) Savage and the SUPER-HOT blond chick from the FRIDAY redux, here with slightly more clothing (ask me in person what was missing from her ensemble). But we weren't watching, no...we were too busy with our meals and work, yeah.

After food and script notes (heh), we walked down to the Silent Theater where we saw a micro-budget festival film that was 90% charming, sweet, funny and heartfelt...with a climax that derails the entire picture. A damn shame, I was excited to talk about it here too but that wouldn't be nice, right? Its got chops, I just hope they chop off that lame excuse of a film-school ending and work some creative magic...almost there guys, I'm rooting for ya to do the rest of the movie justice with an ending that works and doesn't feel like a Senior Thesis directorial choice for the sake of being "hip" and anti-establishment.



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